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By the end of your 1:1 experience…

You will be waking up every morning feeling like the Goddess that you are!
You will feel so blessed to have another day to experience the juiciness that is life!
You will feel so excited to get another day to work towards your goals!
You will feel an internal glow beaming out of you that no one will be able to deny!
You will feel like you’re floating around with ease and grace!
You will feel like you’re a magnet to miracles, that your life is filled with magic!
Your connection with the Universe, with God, with the Higher Power will be unbreakable!
You will finally be living in your power!
You will be your highest self!
You will be transformed!

 That is my promise to you.

Are you ready?

I will provide support and guidance on your journey of personal transformation.
We will work on healing and shedding limiting beliefs and behaviors.
I will provide you with individualized tools and practices to re-wire your subconscious and eliminate self-sabotage.
I will hold you accountable as you develop your self-trust.
We will do deep work on your self-love, giving you unshakeable confidence to go after your dreams!
We will work on strengthening your intuition and deepening your connection to Source.
I will completely customize your experience based off where you are currently and what you need to reach your highest self.

 Here’s What You Get:

  • 3 or 6 months of private 1:1 coaching
  • 2 – 75-minute calls each month via Zoom
  • Text + voice note access to me via WhatsApp Monday – Friday
  • A customized and intuitive coaching experience tailored to you and your needs

3 Month Program, 6 Month Program


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